Some well-based companies welcome startups with bright ideas to share their office structure including both space and infrastructure. They particularly do this because they also want to gain something from them in exchange, like they can ask for share in the companies, or they simply have allowed them to work at their office space so that they can learn more about their work and if they find something profit worthy, they can invest in their business and push their idea to a big scale business. This type of deal is beneficial for both the sides, as the startup is getting the investment and support they needed and the company is also making profit side by side.

The above-stated scenario is one of the benefits of what can happen when you have a well-functioning community. In case you don’t have any cool co-working space near your house, you can even start your own community at a local level. If it flourishes, then you can proceed on to the district level, then the state level and so on.

While I was searching for an office space for rent in Delhi, every working individual these days who is aware of co-working spaces knows that they are marketed as a cheaper option in place of a traditional office space, which is true in its sense. You can too market your community as a cheaper option to a conventional office space.

For starter, focus on like-minded people who share your enthusiasm for creating a co-working community. You won’t find many people like that, but whom so ever you found, will build a strong base for your foundation.

Same profession and field should be your priority– If you can just have people from your own field, then you can have your own accelerator, from which anybody can take guidance to get past any kind of obstacle.

Start advertising to your target audience– This won’t be much difficult, as your first focus would be to start locally, so advertising locally won’t create many difficulties. You can also head over to Facebook and invite people to join your group. Remember to invite people, keeping in mind your target audience.

Know your assets– When you have just started, you can approach Small-business development centers (SBDCs) and economic development corporations (EDCs). These organizations main goal is to provide professional help to create an economical beneficial environment, like providing workspace and jobs to people.

Think of your competitors as an ally– I know at the start of your business you would be thinking of other co-working spaces as your competition, but remember none of them have their facility in your area, so they will be more than willing to help or may even provide a funds as to open your co-working under their name, in the process to expand their branches.